Javascript or not?

saw the article – You Used JavaScript to Write WHAT?


I thought that article was a very bias view of javascript. I do agree that javascript has much performance issues but the argument about Halo 4 on javascript and not having javascript enabled doesn’t seems quite right.

I meant games usually have system requirements, example, directx installed, certain OS etc.

In that likeness, javascript enabled could very well be one of that list of system requirements. If the user really want to play that game, he could have turned on his javascript or find javascript support. Its the same as, now if we say Halo4 is on flash, flash would have to be installed and enabled also (Oops you need flash 9… flash 8 doesnt work!)

I feel that one of the capabilities of javascript is the concept of fat client. If we have to go to the server for every single request that its not really bandwidth effective. I guess many of us realised that nowadays, OS comes with a default web browser, its like an “installed” environment for you already.

 Of course, end of the day I still agree with the author that Halo4 on javascript sound really like a bad idea because of the performance issues and its limitations.

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2 thoughts on “Javascript or not?

  1. 1. Javascript is a language, not a platform
    2. Javascript can be compiled to run natively to any micro-processor instruction set (check Internet Explorer 9 Chakra javascript engine that includes a JavaScript compiler).
    3. Therefore the problem is with the javascript engines in most browsers, not with the language itself.
    4. We don’t have to apologise for using javascript. With its prototypal inheritance, everything as object features, it’s one of the most useful languages out there.

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