There’s a new updated version (v2.0)

Major changes in the new version(v2.0):

    • Counting of messages based on 160 chars
    • Able to keep track of deleted messages
    • Simpler interface
    • Saving of all the settings
    • Badge showing the total outgoing SMS of the month
    • Fixed bugs with name not showing on the person filter

      Haven’t wrote anything since my last post. Been quite crazy over iphone app development. Did up a SMS Counter app for user to count their sms within a period. Good for those who need to keep track of their sms usage such that they don’t exceed their allocated SMS amount by their teleco.

      Since it involved reading the default SMS database, it’s not a valid appstore app (*boo*)

      Anyway I’m gonna try to submit to the major Cydia Repo. Here’s some of the screenshots:






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      11 thoughts on “SMSCounter

      1. Great job, this is a handy little app! Thanks for taking the time to code and share this. As far as suggestions, I think sorting by name on the contact selection screen would be really helpful. Right now it seems random (or by phone # perhaps?)
        Lastly, a minor display issue: the graph shows decimal numbers and then the percent sign. The values should be multiplied by 100 and show 35%, not 0.35%. Minor, like I said. Overall, great tool. Thanks!

      2. Hi Thanks for yor App!!! It very nice app.
        Can you make a superSMSCounter?
        This app will be perfect if it count also delete sms. For this super special option One flag in options for this :-)))).
        Help we n00b user

      3. Working for me now, I’d previously tested it but didn’t work, not sure if I was on 2.1 or 2.2 when it didn’t work, could also possibly be that I have less SMS now and when I had more it crashed?

        Great App though thanks 🙂

      4. Just upgraded smscounter. App is great, but now it will not launch. It just crashes. Uninstalled, reinstalled, etc; still not working. Any suggestions?

      5. hey! i find your tool quite useful. however, the latest revision appears to separate phone numbers that start with 1 from those that don’t. this divorces them from their contacts. even when i add the number with a 1 at the front to the contact, it shows up as two slices of the graph with the same name. thought you might want to know!

      6. Greg-> So it was working just before you upgraded?
        I will upload v1.1 here, maybe you can try it and let me know? Thanks

        Baron-> I don’t quit get what you meant by phone numbers that starts with 1 from those that don’t. Do you meant phone numbers that has country code+area code with those which don’t?

      7. my apologies, i will try to be clearer.

        let us say i have a contact named John Doe. his phone number in my contacts list is 555 601 9232. i sometimes also receive text messages from 1 555 601 9232, which in the Text app show up under his contact name.

        if i go to the charts section of SMSCounter, it will show one slice of text messages for John Doe, and one slice for 1 555 601 9232. if i add 1 555 601 9232 in as a phone number for John Doe, then it still shows two slices, but now they have the same name.

        the same problem exists for me when listing text messages by contact/phone number.

        i am slightly confused, because this did not used to happen. it is only since a recent update that it started.

        thank you for your time and quick response!

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