SMS Counter bug fix/add feature list

Thanks for the feedbacks about the app.

I shall make a list of the bug fix/features to be added to make sure I didn’t miss out any (and to remind myself also)

  • Percentage on Pie chart view should be multiply by 100
  • Sorting by name on the “Select Person” page
  • Consider counting the deleted smses (not sure whether this is possible but will explore)
  • some problem recognizing country codes resulting in not many names on the “Select Person” page
  • Problem of app crashing before it manage to open
  • Saving of the period on exit/open (save the last close state)
  • Themes
  • Pie chart view responding “real time touches”

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3 thoughts on “SMS Counter bug fix/add feature list

  1. thx for your work on this very useful app!
    cant wait to see it progress…saving of the period will be much welcomed.

    happy iPhone app developing

  2. Indeed a very nice app! Thank you.

    I don’t have any problem starting the app on a 2.2 iPhone.

    Here my improvement suggestions:

    1. On the main screen after touching ‘About’ the opening info overlay should vanish when it is tapped. Instead the hidden “From/To/Message Type” tabs are opened.

    2. When tapping a piece of the pie chart the related percentage information is displayed until the finger is lifted again. Instead the information should be displayed until the piece of pie chart is tapped again:
    Tap: display information
    Tap again: remove information

    3. It would be very cool to be able to continuously move the finger around on the pie and see the information below being adapted dynamically as you move the finger from pie piece to pie piece.

    Again: great work!
    Is by any chance the source code available? I would like to do some own iPhone app development and think this might be a nice piece of code for understanding some of the features the iPhone offers.

  3. very usefull app. congrats.
    u may fix the crashing bug, the “last date saving”, and multiply the pie by 100.

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