SMS Counter v1.1

Thanks once again for the many feedbacks.

I’ve managed to fix up as many of the bugs/additional features.

Here’s a list of the changes:

  1. Percentage on Pie chart view are multiplied by 100
  2. Sorting by name/number on the “Select Person” page
  3. Attempt to fix (hopefully) some problem recognizing country codes resulting in not many names on the “Select Person” page
  4. Attempt to fix problem with app crashing before it manage to open
  5. Option to save the last period on exit or just to get the latest 1 month period
  6. Dates will change according in the “Message Period” screen
  7. Pie chart view responding “real time touches” (so you could actually place your finger on the chart and move to different segments)

For point 3 and 4, like I say, its just an attempt and I can’t be sure that it will be fixed cos I’m not really getting the problem to begin. The best way however is for the affected parties to send me their sms databases. (which isn’t really an option also since nobody would want somebody else to see their messages :p )

Edited: You can toggle the save state for From/To by pressing the icons beside From/To (The icons should change accordingly)



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7 thoughts on “SMS Counter v1.1

  1. Great progress 🙂

    I detected a new bug though.

    Let’s say I have a contact “Jon Doe” in my contacts who has the following phone number:
    +49 711 1234567

    Let’s also assume my network operator’s sender number for email notification text messages is 34567.

    All text messages sent from “34567” are shown as sent by the user “Jon Doe” in the SMS Counter app.

    The method for retrieving the contact belonging to the number needs to be modified. It seems you do a suffix search of some kind, which is not sufficient.

  2. One thing. if the name of contact is long. Eulaterio Fernandez Valdes it is showed trunked.

    Eulaterio Ferna… instead of Eulaterio Fernandez Valdes 10 (15%)

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