SMSCounter v1.2

Minor changes in this version. Mainly to attempt to fix up bugs:

  • Added cycle option which allows the app to automatically set the from date to the day of the month when telco start counting sms quota
    (some thing, touch the icon which will now toggle 3 states)
  • Attempt to fix (hopefully) some problem recognizing country codes resulting in not many names on the “Select Person” page
  • Crashing problem (Would greatly appreciate if those having problems previously let me know whether this fix it)
  • Fix problem with long names on the chart view

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17 thoughts on “SMSCounter v1.2

  1. I have treid several times to set the dates, but when I clos the app and then go back to it, the date reverts back.

    How can ou set the from/to dates?

  2. It took me awhile to figure this out too, was getting frustrated.

    The ITTY BITTY icons will change when you tap on them directly (aim carefully) and then your settings for dates will persist.

  3. SMS Counter would zero my SMS and finally figured out that if you erase your SMS on your iPhone regular SMS page it also clears out SMS Counter. Anyway around this, really don’t want to keep all SMS windows for a month. Thanks.

  4. Hi Peter:

    yea that’s correct. I’m counting using the sms currently on your phone. There’s 1 of the item on the TODO list. But to do this, will involve running a background daemon to keep track of deletion of SMS, and take up memory and battery. So I haven’t decided whether to do it yet.

  5. A couple of people commented on other posts about a bug where when you you either go to sort or look at the chart the same person is listed twice – once as the name of the contact, and then again as if its just a random number you haven’t added yet. In my case when I first installed SMSCounter the glitch was there but corrected when a new version came out a few days later. Today I updated to 1.2 and the issue has reappeared, with contacts being listed twice again – once using their name and again with their number. It’s not a big deal, just makes for a very choppy graph if each person is counted twice. Love the app, just thought I’d let you know.

  6. I love this app but it has a problem.

    I see the peoples names and their message count, but I also have a phone number and a differnt count, with the phone number instead of their contact info.

  7. hi… the app used to work. I think it was after I installed some essential updates from cydia then the app can’t start up anymore. I’m on 2.2.1.

  8. May be a stupid question: if i send a message to multiple recipents, the counter hits once for each adressee, isn’t it?
    If so, my telco is overcharging me!!!

  9. I agree with another poster and hope that the message type can be saved too. A lot of people have free incoming texts but a limit on outgoing. I wish to have outgoing as my default option and hope you can make that a possibility.

  10. Ok, in the next release, all the options will be saved, include the message type and the user. 🙂

  11. Hi,
    I am useing call counter app for my Iphone for a long time. Iphone Version is 2.2.1.
    I am checking only out going coll timeings. I ast for June 25 th to till today. On July 16th it was showing out going call is 34 minutes, but today 17th July I check it is showing 29 minutes out going call. how come it is possible ?. I do not no why. I am not deleting any calls from cll loag. You think any up dates require. Why this is showing decreasing minutes.

    Please advise me.

  12. @chandrahasa : I’m guessing that this is because Apple limit the recent call history to the last 100 entries

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