How to install Mac OSX 10.5.7 on hp Elitebook 2730p (dual boot with win7)

I will go through how you could dual boot Mac OS X + Win 7 on a Elitebook 2730p


  • Win7 is already installed
  • Free partition (for Mac OSX)
  • USB flash drive (8GB or more)
  • Another USB flash drive with bootable Win7
  • OSX86 Tools
  • An existing Mac (for preparing the USB)
  • Mac OSX distribution (iATKOS, iDeneb, Jas, etc) (Disclaimer: This is for experimental purposes, if you like the OS, please buy your own Mac OSX!)
  • EasyBCD
  • TabletMagic (if you want the tablet feature)

Formatting Free Partition


  1. Open Up Computer Management and go to Disk Management
  2. Right Click on the partition for installing Mac OSX, Select Format(you can choose any file system FAT32, NTFS, doesnt really matter)

Preparing for bootable USB with Mac OSX (from an existing Mac OS)

  1. Go to Applications, select Disk Utilitydisk utility
  2. Plug in your USB
  3. On the left pane, you should see your USB drive, select it and click on the Erase tab on the right
  4. Choose Mac OS Extended for the Volume Format and give it a name (in my case OSX), Click on Eraseformat usb
  5. Click on Erase again when prompted whether to erase
  6. Double click on your Mac OSX distribution ISO image (iATKOS_v7.iso in my case)double click iso file
  7. You should see the iATKOS_v7 on the left paneshould_see_the_iatkos_v7_by_the_left_menu
  8. Now click on the Restore tab and 1)drag the iATKOS icon to the Source and 2)drag the usb flash drive icon to the Destinationrestore
  9. Click on Restore
  10. Click on Restore again when prompted
  11. Run the OSX86 Tools UtilityOSX86 Tools Utility
  12. Click on Install EFI/Run FDISK
  13. Choose your newly “restored” USB under the Disk to Use (I changed the name from OSX to OSXUSB in my case so as not to confused with my harddisk) and click on Install EFIinstall_efi_2
  14. And you are done preparing the bootable USB flash drive!

There’s also a method for preparing the USB from win xp, you can search around for that if you need it.

Installing Mac OS

  1. Restart your Elitebook, press F9 when you see the HP logo (1st screen)
  2. Select USB Hard Drive (If you don’t see USB Hard Drive there, restart and press F10 and select it under the Boot configuration)DSCF2488
  3. It should now boot up using the USB you have previously prepared and you should see the Apple white screenDSCF2489
  4. When you see the first screen with a menu bar on top, select Utilities -> Disk UtilityDSCF2491 DSCF2493
  5. On of left pane of the Disk Utility window, select your free partitionDSCF2497
  6. Select the Erase Tab, Choose Mac OS Extended (I tried with Mac OS Extended(Journaled) also), give a name, then click on EraseDSCF2498
  7. Step through the installation again under you reach this screen. Select the Destination (the partition you previously formatted) and click ContinueDSCF2505
  8. (Important) When you reach the Installation Summary Screen, click you CustomizeDSCF2507
  9. You will need to select a couple of things:-X86 Patches – > OHR-Driver -> System->USB-Driver -> System->Sound->Voodoo HDA driver-Driver -> System->PS/2 mouse/keyboard->Apple PS/2 driver-Driver -> System->Laptop battery-Driver -> System->NTFS-3G-Network ->Wired->Intel(DO NOT check -Network ->Wireless)
  10. When you are done go back to Installation Summary page and click on Install(It should take around 15 mins to install)
  11. And you are done installing Mac OSX

Bootmgr is missing problem

You might encounter this problem after you have installed Mac OSX and during the first boot. Do not panic, use your usb (with the bootable win7) (refer to this for how to prepare such a usb). When you have boot up using the USB, choose Repair, it should prompt saying that there’s something wrong with your boot files etc). This will restart your system.

Dual Boot Using Win7 Bootloader

  1. Go into Win7, download and install the EasyBCD
  2. Click on the Add/Remove button, Add in an entry for your mac (Select Mac for the tab and Generic Mac, give it a name)
  3. Save and reboot your com
  4. Now your elitebook able to dual boot with Win7 + Leopard 🙂

Getting the Tablet to work

  1. Install TabletMagic
  2. Go to System Preferences, Run TabletMagic
  3. Select serial0 for the Port
  4. Click on the TabletPC tab, Click on Enable Digitizer (Your comp should reboot)
  5. You might encounter an error message when you boot up, if so, continue with Step 6tabletmagic_error
  6. Open up Terminal type incd /System/Library/Extensions/Apple16X50Serial.kext/Contents/PlugIns/Apple16X50ACPI.kext/Contents/sudo chmod 644 Info.plistsudo chown root:wheel Info.plist
  7. You could have problem with the alignment, just play around with the configuration on the Mapping tab

What’s not working

  • Wireless
  • Graphics card is not detected
  • Sleep

Bios Settings

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24 thoughts on “How to install Mac OSX 10.5.7 on hp Elitebook 2730p (dual boot with win7)

  1. Hmm.. My 2730p is not listing a serial0. It does have a PCI-serial3 but I can’t get it to work. I’ve played with the handshake.

    Does yours say ISD V4?

    I don’t really know what I’m doing, just fiddling around until I find something that works. Has anyone got any ideas?

  2. Hi there i’m interested as well, do you have the wireless, graphics and sleep working yet? Thanks for the great post.

  3. The wireless doesn’t work (yet). You can still use it without the graphics acceleration. I don’t really use sleep but I doubt it works

  4. Have you tried doing a Vanilla load? I’m not having much luck with my USB stick 10.6 installer. It shows the mac-style option of selecting the USB drive – then goes off into lala land and sits on a white screen.

    Also, did you do any Bios settings? I found UEFI in there and wondered if there may be some options there.

  5. @tsol

    I didn’t try doing vanilla load. Can’t remember whether I changed the default Bios settings. I doubt so, it should work with the default settings.

  6. It works fine except for Tabletmagic, the port is pci-serial3 without any other choice, Tablet is ISD V4.0 (TabletPC), I can’t get rid of the Warning SYSTEM EXTENSION CANNOT BE USED …, and it does not work.
    Thanks for this great tutorial,

  7. Tabletmagic works now, the problem was that I had no password and sudo requires a non-blank password to execute the command.

  8. Hi

    Thanx for this perfect artical. I tried to install iatkos v7 on my hp 2730p elitebook but it doesn’t enter to setup. I have a reset problem. When I boot with iatkos dvd, my computer resets. Should I change my bios settings or anything else?

  9. I can’t rem what exactly I changed in the bios settings. I think it probably work with the default settings.

  10. No, It does not work with the default settings. There are a lot of versions of Hp 2730p. Which do you have? My 2730p has a Intel L9400 CPU and 2 GB ddr ram. Maybe not working due to these differences?

    Thanx for all your helps.

  11. I’m on L9600 CPU and 8gb ram (originally 2gb but i upgraded to 8 gb)
    will take some pictures of the bios and update later, hopefully it helps.

  12. i found the problem! I was using an external usb dvd-rom to install. The problem was here. iatkos v7 setup was restarting when I used ext.dvd-rom. I tried usb ext. hdd that iatkos v7 installed in and it was work. Thanx for all your helps 🙂

  13. Do you think you could update this guide using iATKOS S3 V2? The options are laid out differently in the customize menu. Thanks

  14. This is the best walkthrough ive ever seen thanks a lot!!! it gives answers to everything you need !!!

  15. anyone got something similar for a 2540p? Using virtualbox at the moment but stuck on mouse support and want to get from SL 0.6.8 -> Mountain Lion

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