Releasing SMS Counter and Call Counter

Been really busy – which explains the delay in the email for the beta test.

Anyway, I decided to release SMS Counter and Call Counter. It should be up on bigboss repo once we settle the admin issues.

If you want to get it immediately, please visit

Basically just add this cydia source : and search for SMS Counter and Call Counter

There’s also the descriptions of SMS Counter and Call Counter

41 thoughts on “Releasing SMS Counter and Call Counter

  1. Hey,

    I’m interested in this program for my iPhone which I should recieve by tomorrow. Am I right if I assume, that the call duration is rounded up with your app, for example 2 minutes and 32 seconds would be counted as 3 minutes?

    Thanks for this app, especially since this is the only one out there of its kind 😉

  2. somehow the settings are not being saved when i exit call counter.
    am i doing something wrong? i even purchased the license, and it’s still not saving.

  3. Hi Phil

    Which settings are you referring to? The dates? By default the app will keep track of the first day of the billing month in the settings. If you want to just save the last (from) date before you exit the program, you can specify that option (in the Settings) not to keep track of the billing day.

  4. very strange now… i keep playing with it and it seems that it is now stuck in “starting day of the month – not used”… is keep changing the day… exit and back and it’s not saving. But on the other hand the “from” is saved but not the “to” where it stays on today’s date

  5. yea, “to” date will always stays at today’s date. It kindda doesn’t quite serve it’s purpose if the “to” date doesn’t change to today’s date.

  6. so now the exclusion is saving it seems.

    and to answer to your question… when i first installed, it was able to save. somehow after i updated some programs form the app store (i’m not sure if this is the cause since i didn’t check call counter right away) all the settings seem to have vanished. and now it’s stuck in “not used” under starting day.

  7. that is correct, it cannot be changed.
    i have also noticed that if you exit and want to start call counter again, it sort of opens and shuts off right away. you really have to wait a few seconds after you exit in order to launch it.

  8. ok, i reinstalled. And i noticed that in cydia it says files installed to /private, is that normal?

    also after re installation, the settings were reset. but it was the same problem… nothing would save after i exit the program. however, it will start saving again once i choose “not used” in start date. and again, it is now stuck in that setting.

  9. now this is interesting.

    the app is now crashing in two ways.
    first, if i change the first day to anything other than “not used”, then exit and launch again (without waiting) it will momentarity launch call counter and close. (i think it was doing this no matter what before i reinstalled)
    second, if i change the first day to anything other than “not used”, then try to clear the database, this will crash the app.

  10. Whenever I lauch SMS Counter it shows a screen with a stiped background and looks like it’s loading but quits a few seconds later.

    I do have quite a few thousand SMS’s I think, could that be causing the problem?

    Is there anything I can do to get it to work?

  11. I’ve installed SMS Counter from the blackfacility repo and it now doesn’t quit, but it doesn’t seem to be able to read the sms db at all.

    I tried clear database, but that said it wasn’t successful. Can I manually clear out anything via SSH? I used to have an old version installed months and months ago so I guess that could be causing the problem?

  12. You should uninstall the previous version of SMS Counter before you install the new version. They can’t coexist together.

  13. Hi,

    If i’ll purchase this app for 2.99$ and get a license, for how long the license is valid?

    I’ll appreciate if you’ll answer me shortly!


  14. I would like to know more things…

    In the older version of Call Counter 1.0 there were problems like if the iPhone call log have been change, it was affect the call summary in the app.

    I mean, there is only call log for the last 6 days in the section of latest calls in the iPhone. Because of that, the summary log of the Call Counter changed too!

    In the newer version (Call Counter 3 v2.1) this problem have been fixed???

  15. I believed you meant the previous version only keep track of those in the recent call log? Yes

    In the new version (v2.0 onwards), the app will keep track of all calls even though it is no longer in the recent call log.

  16. Hi,

    I would like to know what is the procedure to buy and install this app?

    I mean, this app is in cydia for purchasing! till now everything is fine. but after installing the trial version, what should i do to get the free using (after paying via paypal)?

    I’ll be happy if you answer me shortly!


  17. Hi,

    I installed Call Counter (I can’t say with version) on my iphone 3GS And It was unable to track the calls. So I uninstalled it.

    Now I loose my “call history”, I can’t see anything…
    I installed Call Counter 3 and at this time it’s able to tack my call but I’m still unable to see my Call history.
    Any ideas how to fix it?

  18. are there any recent call history in your iPhone?
    It gets the initial data from the recent call history. Subsequently (if you are on Call Counter 3) it will keep track of the call history even if you clear the recent call history on your iPhone

  19. hey there.. im was wondering where to find the serial number? i need to purchase this app so badly.. appreciate if you could answer me Thanks.

  20. I purchased call counter two or three years ago and installed it on my iphone 3gs
    I updated my iphone to 4s. Since i bought a lifetime lisence i would like to know what to do to get the app running on my 4s, how can i get my lisence back?

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