Currently a graduate student. I’m interested in web technology, programming languages, information retrieval/extraction and software engineering.

Been playing around with ajax, comet stuff but currently crazy over iphone app development!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations for SMS Counter, wonderfull job! Perhaps can you save the category (outgoing for example) as easily as the init of the period ( clicking on the button) and your soft will be perfect!
    One more time, congratulations and thank you very much!

  2. Love SMS counter and call counter. A few ideas:
    – in the About screen show version number
    – help page would be handy, specially for the From/To icons
    – when selecting a specific person the chart should change to a bar type chart or line chart showing evolution on time of calls/sms for that person (that’d be awesome!)
    – configuration screen or at least petsisten configuration like the previous comment said.

    Thank you for the excellent job!!

  3. Hello.
    First of all, your counters apps are awesome, I think these utilities are really lacking on the iPhone.

    I have some improvements ideas :
    – a better recognition of numbers that are in contacts (I have a lot of numbers on the charts without their associated names … perhaps because I’ve sorted them into groups ?)
    – a persistent config. for incoming/outgoing like already said
    – a possibility of excluding some phone numbers, as the answering machine (personnaly I don’t pay in France for the answering machine), so perhaps a contact listing and a possibility to check the numbers we don’t want to appear

    And if you want to start traducting your apps, I can for sure do it.
    Just email me and we can see how, as you wish.

    Good job !

    See you.

  4. I can’t get it to work on my 2G, 2.2 FW. When I tap on the application, after a few seconds before showing any application screen, it goes back to springboard.

    However, I saw it works on my friend’s iphone (same FW, 2G).

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