iOS5 beta on iPhone 3GS


How to change the iPhone backup location (Windows)

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Move the backup folder (residing at C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR_USERNAME>\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup” to a place where you wish to sync your backup to (e.g. D:\iTunes_backup\Backup)
  3. Download (get it free from and extract junction.exe
  4. Open Command Prompt and type the following commands (assume you extract it to the desktop folder):
    cd Desktop
    junction “c:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR_USERNAME>\Application Data\MobileSync\Backup” D:\iTunes_backup\Backup
    (ensure that there’s no Backup folder in c:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR_USERNAME>\Application Data\MobileSync when you are typing the above command if not it will say that the path exists)

Basically the junction type creates something like a symbolic link (like in *nix operating systems)

Forex Notification Service

Posted this on Blackfacility blog but I will just copy and paste it over here too:


Just did up a currency exchange rate notifier. It will notify you (on twitter) if a forex exchange rate exceeds a certain value.

If you are interested in the service, send a message to @bfalert stating the two currency (e.g. USD/SGD would refers to exchange rate of USD to SGD) and the threshold.

As always, if you find the service useful, or have other comments, please send it to us 🙂